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Seven Myths About the Iraq War: How BBC Newsnight failed journalism on the 10 year anniversary of the invasion.

February 27th 2013 Author: Dr Nafeez Ahmed An abridged version of this article appears at the HUFFINGTON POST As a participant in BBC Newsnight special, “Iraq – 10 Years On”, I found myself feeling slightly miffed at the lack of real debate on the crucial issues. On the one hand, ...
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In the Shadow of Fiction: How Television Is Making (Up) Muslim History

August 31st, 2012 Author: Dr Nafeez Ahmed   In Channel 4’s Islam: the Untold Story, aired 28 August, British writer Tom Holland – garbed Indiana Jones-style in billowing shirt and trusty hat – treks across the Arabian desert, talking to local Bedouins, and inspecting historical artefacts to investigate the origins ...
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