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Remix Film Challenge!

remix film challenge

REMIX : To combine or edit existing materials to produce something new.

If you’ve seen it, you’ll probably have guessed that here at The Crisis of Civilization we love Remix films – and we want you to have a go too.

We would like to invite you to create your own Crisis of Civilization-style sequences, using unused interview audio of Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed with images put over the top and music laid underneath. Here is an EXAMPLE from the film.

Pretty simple.

You then upload your creations to YouTube or Vimeo, let us know, and we will post them up here. Then, after a bit, we’ll have a vote via Twitter and Facebook, and the best sequence will get a free DVD (released 1st March) and an A1 Crisis of Civilization poster. But, more importantly, you’ll have a lot of fun creating your sequence – and everyone will think that you’re cool.

Here’s how to do it:

1.Download one or all of these pieces of audio

The Arab Spring

Will Peak Oil Sort Out Climate Change?

Power Structures and Resource Depletion


2. Gather source materials

We highly recommend that you visit the PRELINGER ARCHIVES.

You can type  keywords into the search engine, and often dozens of films appear. For example, here is what you get when you type OIL.

You then download the film that interests you. There are literally thousands of films in the archive, and a huge choice of different images from each of these amazing films that you can use.

This article will give you a good idea of some of our ARCHIVE FAVOURITES.

You may need to get some modern footage as well. For this you can visit sites like YouTube and use REAL PLAYER DOWNLOADER.


3. Convert your files.

We recommend you download a free piece of software called MPEG STREAMCLIP.

You can use it to convert the Prelinger film files to almost any other format (mpegs are horrible to edit with), and just start playing around in your editing program. You can also use it to convert any footage you have ripped from YouTube.

If you have a DVD you’d like to remix, here’s how to rip it and make it into a file compatible with your video editing software: DVD RIPPING FOR REMIX.


4. Export.

Once you’ve completed your remix, export your file from your editing program and compress it for the web. Here is a good video to help you use mpeg streamclip for this:

Or click to download the whole film and make a mash up !

5. Upload

Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and let us know. Or you can email it to us and we will post it up here on our site.

We can’t wait to see what you make!

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    • Claire February 8, 2012

      Thanks Kate, great stuff!

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