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Become a Danger Dodger!

With no $35 million to spend on advertising (this was the average for mainstream films the last time the MPAA reported the figure in 2006), we’ve had to do things our own way. This has included both clandestine and conspicuous activities…. subvertising, slipping our flyers into publications, and you might have seen those stickers popping up around London, or the black and white poster?

And also much internet blogging, pestering, publicising, of course.

 We wish we could be everywhere doing this, and in some ways we can be because you can get involved! Now we’re not suggesting anyone gets in any trouble but being creative can get the message out there in some very effective ways…..

1. Real world community marketing

Here are a couple of images which you might want to use to spread it around in your local area. For example printing some of these images and sticking them around your town or university or school could be very effective. Click them to enlarge and download.

2. Facebook

Why not use this on your website or as your Facebook banner! Also link to our Watch page.

Another effective option is to upload one of these pictures to your account and tag all of the friends that you would like to see it!

3. Twitter

If you use Twitter why not tweet at some of these organisations and ask them to talk about us – it sounds much better coming from you!

Copy and paste this:

“I really think you guys should #watchthecrisisfilm http://crisisofcivilization.com/watch/

and send it to…

@GreenpeaceUK  @greenpeaceusa

@thenation   @occupywallst  @guardiannews  @guardianfilm @guardian  @guardianeco

@TheIndyNews  ‏ @democracynow @IndyPolitics ‏ @NewStatesman @grist @MMFlint (Michael Moore) @YouTube

@Vimeo @WWF @STWuk (Stop the War) @TheEconomist @NaomiAKlein

There are also many more, so  just get on Twitter and start pestering!

4. Get the DVD & Put on a screening !

Remember, there are loads of people that don’t watch films online despite what we might think living in our cyber bubbles! So why not purchase our DVD to support us and get this information out the people who wouldn’t normally come across it, like your Grandparents or your Mum and Dad?


If you could take the time to do one or all of these things then you will officially become a Danger Dodger!

“Being aware means knowing the dangers that surround us, and being alert involves planning ahead to avoid those dangers”


3 Responses

  1. Mike:Colbourne March 19, 2012

    Hi Guy’s,

    I watched your documentary yesterday & thought it was really good. Im trying to start a Community Interest Company (CIC) with the aim of building self sustainable environments created by Community members, Students & volunteers. I needed a video for my presentation to raise people’s awareness about the issues that you have covered so well in “The Crisis of Civilisation”. Although the company will be paying wages(when able to do so) it isnt able to generate profits (All money will have to be re-invested into the community) Would I be able to use your documentary as part of my presentation?

    Kind regards


    Ps, even if you say no, keep up the good work!

    • Dean March 20, 2012

      Hi Mike.
      Please use the film however you see fit. Do what ever you want with it. It is yours. Perhaps you could purchase the DVD to support us. Or if not just download it and go for it.

      Best Wishes
      Dean Puckett

  2. Dennis Harvey January 12, 2013

    Our group bought the DVD and I went to watch it. I found that it put forward explanations for many events that happen around the world, but there was so much information I will need to watch it again, with pauses, so I can assimilate more information. I guess it is ambitious to try to explain how world civilisation works in 77 minutes. Several of the explanations are short of reasoning but I suppose they had to be to get it all in one film. I think each of the chapters could be expanded into a film to explain why you drew the conclusion you drew.

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