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To make the wasteland grow…

We have some very exciting and unusual news for you this month.

Those of you who have seen the film will remember the last section where the little animated people climb through the fence to transform the Growth Monster’s hill and dance in the sunshine…


Well, this weekend we’ll actually be doing all that and more!

The makers of The Crisis of Civilization will very soon be embarking on a project to draw attention to the monopoly of land ownership in the UK –  by occupying and cultivating a piece of disused land owned by the Crown Estate near Windsor. Inspired by the Diggers of 1649 (but updated for the current day), we plan to grow our own food, make shelters and live sustainably: to show an alternative to our system of crisis. We call for the right for everyone to be able to use the disused land to live on, free from the yoke of debt and rent.

If you share our vision, and you are willing to work to achieve it, we welcome you to join us.

The group will be walking from Syon Lane Community Allotment in West London (immediately adjacent to Syon Lane Station) on Saturday 9th May at 1pm and will camp on route for one night before arriving at the site on the 10th May.

Details can be found on the website http://diggers2012.wordpress.com/ or by emailing diggers2012@yahoo.co.uk

Alternatively you can call or text the following numbers: 07963 475 195 / 07905 283 114 to find out more.


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